The Samsung 990 1TB SSD is nearly half off in this early Prime Day deal

The Samsung 990 Evo SSD

Prime Day is still a few days away. That means the best deals are still to come, especially with big product categories like Prime Day TV deals, for example. But, for the most part, we’re still waiting on Prime Day deals to really pop up. Here, however, we do see a good deal on an accessory you very well might be wanting to upgrade if you haven’t done so in awhile. It’s your SSD. This 1TB Samsung SSD is down to just $79, down $71 from its usual price point of $150. In a world where we usually find SSDs getting more expensive, this is a welcome reprieve. To grab yours now, just tap the button below. Otherwise, keep reading to see a terabyte of storage from Samsung might help you out.


Why you should buy the Samsung 990 Evo SSD

The Samsung 990 Evo SSD has 1TB of storage and has read and write speeds up to 5,000 and 4,200 Mbps, respectively. That’s somewhat difficult to parse, unless you’re highly interested in SSDs, so we’ll guide you through it in brief here. Check out our SSD buying guide for a more complete tale.

First and foremost, we consider the 1TB of storage to be the “gold standard” at this time, especially if you’re a gamer. We’ve complained about game size for years now, and things aren’t getting better. When we look at the max read speed of 5,000 Mbps, that shows that we should be able to get most things running super quickly. There are some faster competitors out there, but when you see a sale like this, you can forgive the slight speed differences. Most users will be happy for the 1TB alone and reliability and speed of the product will make up for the rest.

To pick up your Samsung 990 Evo SSD and take advantage of this early Prime Day deal that will make it only $79, simply tap the button below. Remember, that’s $71 off of its usual $150 price. Not what you were looking for? Check out our other SSD deals. You can also plan ahead for Prime Day by checking out our listings of the best SSDs and best SSDs for PS5, making your pick now and buying when the time is right.