The Samsung Galaxy S24 just failed a critical durability test

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in Titanium Orange and in Titanium Silver.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Smartphones tend to improve yearly, but their usefulness decreases if they break because of a fall. To see which smartphones are better than others in this regard, we can turn to companies like Allstate Protection Plans, which regularly tests the durability of new mobile devices, so we don’t have to.

The most recent Allstate Protection Plans drop tests have revealed concerning results for the newly released Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphones. Spoiler: They don’t perform as well as last year’s models.

As part of the Allstate Protection Plans tests, each of the Galaxy S24 phones was put through front and back drop tests to check for breakability. The 6.1-inch Galaxy S24 suffered nearly identical damage as the Galaxy S23 in both tests. The back-down test, which involved dropping the phone on a sidewalk from six feet, resulted in cracks across the top and the bottom of the phone’s back panel. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S24, like its predecessor, was completely non-functional after only one front-down drop.

Allstate Protection Plans | Samsung Galaxy S24 Breakability

The Galaxy S24 Plus, with a 6.7-inch, also did not pass Allstate Protection Plan’s tests. During the tests, the phone shattered on the front and back-down drops, rendering it unusable. This contrasts with the Galaxy S23 Plus from last year, which passed the tests. Interestingly, both the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus are made of materials similar to the Galaxy S23 models.

The biggest concern is what happened to the flagship 6.8-inch Galaxy S24 Ultra during Allstate Protection Plan’s drop tests. Despite offering an upgraded cover material, new titanium frame, and flat-edge design, the Galaxy S24 shattered after one front- and back-down drop from six feet. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, by contrast, proved much more durable.

These test results are a bit concerning. However, Allstate Protection Planes’s solution is easy and obvious: Get a case. According to Jason Siciliano, the company’s vice president of marketing and global creative director:

“With smartphones being used more than ever before, multitasking and one-handed usage have become common, elevating the risk of accidental drops. Considering a new S24 Ultra starts at $1,299, protecting them with a case and screen protector is a wise choice.”

The good news? There are plenty of cases to choose from. Whether you want a Galaxy S24 case, Galaxy S24 Plus case, or Galaxy S24 Ultra case, your options are plenty.