Samsung sale knocks up to $1,000 off its best OLED 4K TV

Samsung S95C OLED.
Samsung S95C OLED.

Are you on the hunt for OLED TV deals to upgrade your home theater setup? Then you wouldn’t want to miss the discounts from the Samsung Spring Sale on the Samsung S95C OLED 4K TV. The 55-inch model is down to $1,800 from $2,500 for savings of $700, the 65-inch model is down to $2,300 from $3,300 for savings of $1,000, and the 77-inch model is down to $3,500 from $4,500, also for savings of $1,000. You’re going to have to hurry if you want to take advantage of any of these offers though, as stocks of the OLED TV may run out before the sale ends in a few days.

Why you should buy the Samsung S95C OLED 4K TV

The Samsung S95C OLED 4K TV is highlighted in our roundup of the best OLED TVs as the best QD-OLED TV, which combines QLED lighting and quantum dots with the self-emissive pixels of an OLED panel. This results in a TV that offers vibrant images with amazing color saturation and deep black levels, so all the 4K Ultra HD content that you’ll watch will be even more immersive and breathtaking.

With support for Dolby Atmos, the impressive picture of the Samsung S95C OLED 4K TV combines with surround sound to place you in the middle of the action. The OLED TV also features an extremely slim and sleek profile that will match the aesthetics of any room, and access to the Samsung Gaming Hub that will let you stream video games directly on the TV without the need for any console.

Your home theater setup will receive a major boost if you buy the Samsung S95C OLED 4K TV, a premium display that’s available with massive discounts in the Samsung Spring Sale. The 55-inch version is $700 off, for $1,800 from $2,500; the 65-inch version is $1,000 off, for $2,300 from $3,300; and the 77-inch version is also $1,000 off, for $3,500 from $4,500. The event still has a few days left before it ends, but it’s highly recommended that you make your purchase now because there’s a chance that the offers expire sooner than you expect.