Sandwich shop employees "taken" by Liam Neeson

Big Star Sandwich succeeded in getting Liam Neeson to pay them a visit. Photo from Twitter

A sandwich shop in New Westminster, B.C., made an effort to lure a famous actor with the tantalizing offer of free food – and succeeded.

Employees at Big Star Sandwich Co. customized their sidewalk sandwich board in an attempt to persuade Liam Neeson to eat there, after they’d heard rumours he was filming across the street.

“Liam Neeson eats here for free. Come in and get taken away by our sandwiches,” they wrote in chalk on the board, referencing Neeson’s popular role in the trilogy, Taken.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Neeson, who’s also appeared in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Love Actually and The LEGO Movie, showed up at the sandwich joint and did not disappoint.

Staff says he walked into the restaurant and, using the phone voice made famous in Taken, asked, “Where is my sandwich?”

While the actor didn’t stick around to eat his free meal, he did take a photo with the restaurant’s servers in front of their sign.

That inspired several cracks and Taken puns on Twitter.

It’s not surprising the restaurant created a special entry for their guest of honour, which they named after him.

No word yet if he’s taken to his honorary sandwich.