Canadian television host hits back at body shamers over her 'loose skin' and 'blubber'

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Sangita Patel. Image via Getty Images/Instagram.
Sangita Patel. Image via Getty Images/Instagram.

Sangita Patel makes calling out online bullies look easy, breezy and beautiful.

The Canadian television personality and Covergirl spokesperson took to social media to share a distasteful comment she received regarding her stomach “blubber.”

Despite her busy schedule as the host of HGTV’s “Home To Win” and reporter for “Entertainment Tonight Canada,” Patel makes fitness one of her top priorities. The 40-year-old mother-of-two frequently shares her fitness progress and workouts as part of a Fitness Tuesday video series, motivating her more than 92,000 followers to get moving.

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But while many are motivated by Patel, she also deals with her share of trolls.

She recently shared a screencap of one of the hurtful comments she received from an online troll regarding a Fitness Tuesday video.

“You should know when you’re doing exercises on the floor, your loose skin and blubber shows on your stomach,” wrote a commenter. “Maybe stop eating so many rotis.”

While Patel admitted reading the racially charged comment “stings,” she addressed the comment and its layers of hostility to send an empowering message to her fans.

“What’s so interesting [is] it focuses on my stomach and then brings on a racial undertone in the last sentence...,” she began. “Truth is I DO have loose skin and ‘wrinkles.’ It’s noticeable when I plank, I carried two babies!”

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“I’ve shared my health journey to inspire others, especially moms. And keeping it real sometimes makes you vulnerable to such comments,” she continued. “It doesn’t MATTER what your body composition is, judging/comments like this shouldn’t be happening, it’s easy to lack empathy when such a person is behind a screen.”

(Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)
(Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)

The comment spurred Patel to speak out and encourage her followers to not let the opinions of others interfere with how they feel about themselves.

Fans rallied around Patel with some of the television personality’s famous friends weighing in and lending their support.

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“Fierce, strong woman, warrior, leader, mentor, sister!” Canadian songstress Jann Arden wrote. “Omg... Whoever this imbecile is we just have to forgive them. It comes from fear. You are killing it in every way!”

“The Social” hosts also weighed in. Traci Melchor commented that “living well is the BEST revenge,” while Elaine Lui wrote, “All I see is RIPPED and all I taste is my own envy.”

Image via Instagram/Sangita.Patel.
Image via Instagram/Sangita.Patel.

The online hate regarding Patel’s fit frame is a prime example of the never-ending body criticism women are subjected to. Larger bodied women are constantly told to lose weight, exercise and branded as “lazy,” while Patel, who sports a six pack and shares video of herself training, is still chastised and told to improve by curbing her eating.

Patel being targeted by body shamers is indicative of the inherent disapproval of any body that shows sign of experience, whether it be from growth, aging or giving birth.

“Don’t let anyone take you down,” Patel concluded her message to fans. “NO ONE. At 40, I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. I’ve embraced my body, ‘blubber’ and all.”

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