Canadian TV host Sangita Patel urges fans to 'just try' in motivational workout video

Canadian TV host Sangita Patel urges fans to 'just try' in motivational workout video

Sangita Patel is back with another dose of fitness inspiration.

On Tuesday, the "ET Canada" personality took to Instagram to share an inspirational and "impressive" workout video with her more than 130,000 followers, completing a mobility challenge — and urging her fans to try it for themselves.

"It’s #FitnessTuesday! Shocked I finished this insane ‘50’ step mobility challenge," she captioned the video. "Not the smoothest transitions but I got up off the floor! Good luck! I have no advice on how to do this…just try."

Patel's post was met with applause for her progress and motivational message.

"You are my daily inspo," one Instagram user penned, while another wrote, "That is so hard! Well done!"

"Love it. You are inspiring to get me moving, every day! Feels Amazing!" another added.

Someone else chimed in: "Whoa! You nailed it."

"You've made such great progress! This is really impressive. Thanks for sharing! I needed this motivation," one person shared.

"So inspiring," commented another.

Earlier this year, Patel shared a message on Instagram opening up about the "ups and downs" of her fitness journey over the last four years, paired with two side-by-side photos of herself and her daughter, Shyla.

"This post was influenced by your DMs/messages on getting started with your health journey," she wrote. "I got the courage to do a transformation photo and this truly has shown me the power of patience and consistency."

"Lots of ups and downs. 2020 sucked - ate crap, IBS, couldn’t work out like I’m used to, mentally tested, just coping (like most of us). But it wasn’t until Nov 15, 2020 while talking to my mom about my dads diabetes…it hit me. I realized aside from this lifestyle being my savour when I had Shyla it was also because I don’t want to get diabetes, it runs in my family," Patel continued, adding:

"So I snapped out of it, I put the scale back in the closet and remembered my 'why'. Once you find your 'why,' I guarantee that you will stay on your healthy journey. So, make your health part of your routine/schedule, like brushing your teeth. Make yourself a priority in your life."

"Now give me 10 burpees," she quipped.

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