Sarah Palin makes a cameo in 'Teen Mom OG' as daughter Bristol joins the show — and fans are already unimpressed

Teen Mom OG is getting some new blood.

Following last month’s announcement that Bristol Palin would join its cast, the MTV reality show has released a teaser featuring the mom of three and her own mother, Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and a vice presidential candidate in 2008.

Sarah Palin (pictured with daughter Bristol in 2010) will appear on Teen Mom OG. (Photo: Adam Larkey/ABC via Getty Images)

In the clip, Palin — who was 17 when she announced her first pregnancy during the 2008 campaign — muses about her life during a meal with her famous mom.

“I was a teen mom,” she tells her mother. “My life is not perfect at all.”

“Amen,” agrees the older Palin.

The 27-year-old is later shown playing with her three children and commenting that she wants “to do what’s best for my kids.”

Palin is mom to 9-year-old Tripp, whose father, Levi Johnston, will make appearances on Teen Mom OG. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant also has two daughters, 2-year-old Sailor and 1-year-old Atlee, with ex-husband Dakota Meyer. They finalized their divorce just weeks ago.

Last month Sarah Palin expressed support for her daughter’s new reality TV gig, telling TMZ that “she’s gonna become a great messenger for overcoming a little bit of challenge and doing well in life.” She remained coy about whether or not she herself would feature on the show.

The casting of Palin, who is reportedly being paid $250,000 to replace former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham, has been slammed by some viewers.

“It should be a new show, she is NOT an OG,” read one comment in response to the new trailer. “Pretty sure she and her family talked crap about this show.”

“Huh? This is so left field,” added another viewer. “Out of all the moms in the world this is what y’all came up with???? I might stop watching this show now or I’ll just [fast-forward] through her part.”

“Can’t stand her already,” someone added. 

“Farrah Abraham was the OG girl but you replaced her with a terrible homophobe,” complained another critic who cited Palin’s past scandals. “Nothing OG about it.”

Abraham herself has also cast shade Palin’s way. At Monday’s MTV Video Music Awards, she suggested that her replacement was copying her lifestyle.

“I see a girl trying to move to where I live, have a piano, have the Pomeranians, have the same spot as me. … I’m actually kinda scared of that,” Abraham said. “So I wish them all the best, and I’m happy to move on.”

The new season of Teen Mom OG starts Oct. 1.

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