Sask. family holds interprovincial poster campaign for Mackenzie Lee Trottier, missing for 11 months

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Mackenzie Lee Trottier has been missing since Dec. 21, 2020.  (Dayne Patterson/CBC News - image credit)
Mackenzie Lee Trottier has been missing since Dec. 21, 2020. (Dayne Patterson/CBC News - image credit)

The Trottier family last saw their daughter Mackenzie 11 months ago. On Sunday, they gathered alongside about 80 other people at Saskatoon City Hall to distribute posters to be put up around the city and echo their calls for information that could help bring Mackenzie home.

Mackenzie, 22, left her family home on Dec. 21, 2020. It wasn't until she didn't show up on Christmas Eve that her family became worried. Since then, they haven't stopped searching.

Sunday's rally was meant to remind the city and province that their daughter is still missing and they want her back.

"She has been away from us for 8,040 hours, 335 days," Paul, Mackenzie's father, said to the mass of supporters clad in winter jackets, mitts and some carrying posters or signs.

"We miss her smile, her sense of humour, her company … and gentle soul that she shares with us freely — but most importantly, we're missing a part of our family."

Trottier asked that everyone remember the missing people in Saskatchewan, about 133 people according to the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police.

She had a wonderful voice … I would love to hear her voice again and sing with her again. - Paul Trottier, Mackenzie's father

Mackenzie was the oldest of three children. Her sisters, Sadie, 19, and Laurenne, 16, said it was nice to see the number of people show up to support the family, but it's bittersweet.

"It's still a sad day but it's nice to see people support us," Sadie said.

They remember Mackenzie as the one with "the best sense of humour" who would laugh at her own jokes, even if no one else did.

Dayne Patterson/CBC News
Dayne Patterson/CBC News

"And she loved animals, I think we've had like 20: chameleons, snakes, rats, over 10 dogs, a cat, a turtle," they said, jointly listing the zoo of animals and then laughing. "If she ever saw a stray, she'd bring it to our house," Laurenne said.

Sadie said her favourite memory of her missing sister is being placed over a garbage bag and receiving a spontaneous haircut from her sister with "chunks falling to the ground," she laughed.

Some of Sadie's friends brought their own signs to the event to show support.

"I knew her sister Mackenzie, she was a beautiful, funny, loving daughter. A great friend, a great sister. This is devastating for everybody," said Makayla Sowers, one of Sadie's close friends.

"I'm watching my best friend and her family be destroyed every single day by this situation. I have no words because no one should have to go through this experience."

Dayne Patterson/CBC News
Dayne Patterson/CBC News

On Sunday, Paul asked attendees to hang posters around the city which were being handed out at the event. Organizers prepared a map to ensure the posters reached across Saskatoon.

He said this continued support is something they've "been blessed with since the beginning."

"Seeing all these people out here on a cold morning is incredibly warming for our family," Paul said.

Dayne Patterson/CBC News
Dayne Patterson/CBC News

The search for Mackenzie has also expanded beyond borders, with similar events across Saskatchewan and in Alberta and posters being put up in provinces including British Columbia and Ontario, Camilla Trottier, Mackenzie's aunt, said.

Paul said that missing persons reports tend to be localized but thinks a broader search is more effective.

The family posted a $20,000 reward for information leading to her return earlier in 2021, which is expected to increase because of a recent donation.

"She had a wonderful voice … I would love to hear her voice again and sing with her again," he said.

"Somebody out there knows something, and we just want that information back to the police so we can bring our daughter home."

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