Sask. gov't announces new oil and gas courses for high school students interested in the industry

Saskatchewan high school students interested in a career in the oil and gas industry will soon be able to get a leg up.

On Wednesday, the province announced that a class called Oil and Gas 20 will be offered in the second semester of the 2024-25 school year. A course called Oil and Gas 30 will follow in the 2025-26 school year. The courses will include 50 hours of online theory and 50 hours of work placement.

Premier Scott Moe said the courses are a good opportunity for children in the province.

"To see a career, a good paying career, and a good lifestyle that may be available in in their community or very near to them that they might not have been aware of before … I think that's just a really good exposure for both our students and exposing the industry," Moe said.

The Saskatchewan Distance Learning Centre (Sask. DLC) is working with Canadian oil and gas exploration company Teine Energy to develop Oil and Gas 20 and 30. The government said other provincial oil and gas companies can sign on to the agreement with Sask. DLC — which would make more work placement opportunities for students.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced a minor cabinet shuffle on May 17, 2024.
Premier Scott Moe says the province's new oil and gas courses for Saskatchewan students will be great exposure for the industry. (Kirk Fraser/CBC)

Moe said he's pleased the oil and gas courses will soon be offered, partly because oil and gas is still in demand.

"As much as the federal government would like to think we're going to be moving away from oil and gas, it isn't going to be happening anytime soon," Moe said.

He said global projections are that it won't be until at least 2030 before there's even a break in the growth of oil and gas use.

"And so if it's a product that the world needs, our view is that you should buy the most sustainable … product that you can find. And fact of the matter is that's in Saskatchewan today," said Moe.

According to a Wednesday provincial press release, Teine Energy is providing a total of $150,000 over two years to support the development of the new online courses, as well as the co-ordination of student work placements in the oil and gas sector. .

Teine has operations in southwest Saskatchewan, near Kindersley and Lloydminster.

In the press release, Teine Energy president and CEO Jason Denney said the company is excited to "be part of shaping and supporting the careers of talented young people" in Saskatchewan.

"Our goal for this program is to deliver real world experience, accelerate local energy focused employment, and ultimately enable Saskatchewan grads to pursue well-paid, fulfilling careers within their home province," said Denney.