Sask. NDP says residents unhappy with provincial budget

Sask. NDP says residents unhappy with provincial budget

The Saskatchewan NDP is getting budget feedback from constituents — and it says people aren't happy with the government's decisions.

"We've been talking to people around the province — every corner of the province — and we're hearing from them that they think this government isn't listening to them anymore," said Carla Beck, the NDP's education critic.

She said the contrast between the $60 million in tax breaks to some corporations, in conjunction with the $54 million in cuts to the educational system and the $4.8 million in cuts to libraries, are among residents' top concerns.

"It appears that the government has forgotten who they're working for in the province," Beck added.

'Our government listens'

 According to the provincial government, tough decisions had to be made to keep the economy strong.

"Our government listens, and will continue to listen, to Saskatchewan people on all of the matters that are important to them," said government spokeswoman Kathy Young.