Sask. police caught hundreds driving with suspended licences, unregistered vehicles in Nov.: SGI

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Police in Saskatchewan caught hundreds of people driving illegally last month, according to SGI.

Officers spent November focusing on suspended drivers and unregistered vehicles as part of SGI's Traffic Safety Spotlight.

As a result, police fined 341 people for driving while suspended and 558 people for driving an unregistered vehicle or a trailer, SGI said.

There were also 221 people caught driving without a licence, 102 learner drivers without a supervising driver and 37 people who weren't complying with a licence endorsement or restriction.

Driving without a licence, while suspended, or in a vehicle that isn't registered voids the driver's insurance if they cause a crash. Penalties include fines, court summons and vehicle impoundments.

Police also issued 3,867 tickets for speeding and aggressive driving, 226 tickets for improper seatbelt or child restraint use, 447 distracted driving tickets — including 384 for using a cellphone while driving — and 357 impaired driving offences.

Similar to past holiday seasons, SGI and police are focusing on impaired driving this month.

Police issued 295 impaired driving penalties in the province last December.