Sask. prohibits people from feeding dangerous wildlife

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Hamilton Greenwood's photo of a black bear. (Hamilton Greenwood - image credit)
Hamilton Greenwood's photo of a black bear. (Hamilton Greenwood - image credit)

Saskatchewan is making it officially against the law to feed dangerous wild animals.

Specifically, the government is now making it illegal to feed bears, wolves, cougars and coyotes since they are dangerous.

There was no regulation in place to prevent people from doing so prior to the introduction of a new bill earlier this week.

"This regulation amendment came as a result of increased concerns around the feeding of dangerous wildlife in the province," said Travis Williams, Wildlife Allocation specialist with the Ministry of Environment.

"Previous to this, we didn't have suitable enforcement option for the ministry to respond to concerns from the public."

Williams says that the ministry is planning on educating the public about reducing attractants for dangerous wildlife.

'You're certainly endangering yourself and anybody around you': expert

Darrell Crabbe is executive director for the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.

He says that feeding dangerous animals has been an on-going concern. He's witnessed it first hand over the years.

"You're certainly endangering yourself and anybody around you," he said.

"These animals that we're talking about are wild and they are potentially dangerous. I think it's just unfortunate that we have to regulate people that should just be using common sense but certainly we hear of these incidents all the time and obviously it has become necessary."

Crabbe says feeding potentially dangerous wild animals invites risk for both the feeder and the animal.

"If there is an incident, the animal will be put down," Crabbe said.

Crabbe approves of this new amendment but stresses how disappointing it is that it even has to exist.

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