Sask. Sunrise Records locations could open by early June

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Sask. Sunrise Records locations could open by early June

Doug Putman is used to skepticism about his plan to expand Sunrise Records to dozens of vacant HMV locations across Canada, including four in Saskatchewan.

"At the end of the day, we believe there's an opportunity in the marketplace, " explained Putman in an interview with CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning.

Putman serves as president of the Ontario-based retail chain, and also its owner. He bought Sunrise Records in 2014. 

Vinyl a focus

Much like HMV, the store will offer CDs and DVDs as well some new additions, such as board games.

However, Putman is betting big that a heavy emphasis on vinyl will help set Sunrise Records apart.

"We definitely want to offer a lot more vinyl, customers are definitely buying a lot of vinyl, they want a lot of assortment and selection," said Putman.

Individual flavour

Also, Putman said customers can expect Sunrise Records locations to take on a more individual flavour as time goes on. 

"If we find in a certain store that it's hard rock or metal or it's rap, we adjust our assortment based on what the customers are looking for and telling us what they want," said Putman.

"[And] if local artists want to come in and meet the manager and let them know about their album, local managers are able to make the decision to carry that product."

Putman said he's hoping two Sunrise Records locations in Saskatoon and another pair in Regina will open their doors by early June.