Saskatchewan woman survives second lightning strike in 20 years

REGINA - A Saskatchewan woman says she's survived a lightning strike not once, but twice.

Shelley Kessel was driving into Regina on Tuesday morning when she hit a patch of severe weather.

As she tried to keep her car from hydroplaning, she saw a flash of blinding light and a loud boom.

Kessel says she smelled something burning and realized her car was no longer running.

However, her electronics were going haywire, with her lights flashing, her horn honking and her trunk popping open for no apparent reason.

She realized her car had been hit by lightning. About 20 years ago, her family farmhouse also suffered a direct strike.

"I just kind of sat there for a few seconds, and then it just came to me that, 'oh my God, I've been hit by lightning!' And I proceeded to have a meltdown."

Kessel wasn't hurt in the strike, but her car was badly damaged.