Saskatoon police called to 2 more white powder scares Thursday

'I'm really sorry this happened': U.S. woman says she was unknowingly part of Saskatoon white package case

For the second time in a day, a suspicious package containing white powder has been discovered in Saskatoon.

Close to five hours after responding to Thursday's first white powder scare, firefighters were dispatched to a business at 400 22nd Street. The hazardous materials unit is investigating whether the powder is harmful.

Though it is not clear which business the powder was sent to, the Ernst & Young offices, in the Saskatoon Square building, have previously been the target of white powder scares.

Firefighters arrived at the Saskatoon Inn on Airport Drive just after 11:30 a.m. CST Thursday morning. They brought their hazardous materials trailer and set up a decontamination area outside.

Reporters on scene described the response as "low-key." The hotel was allowed to remain open, and patrons were allowed to enter and exit the building.

Powder found inside the suspicious package was eventually cleared as non-hazardous.

It's not clear whether this incident is linked to seven "white powder" scares investigated by police in March. Packages containing white powder and threatening letters were sent to a restaurant, an accounting firm and a law office. The powder was determined not to be dangerous in each case.

The fire department and mayor of Saskatoon have expressed their frustration with the scares, which have cost the city tens of thousands of dollars.