Saskatoon judge sentences drug and gun dealer to 18 years in prison

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A Saskatoon Court of Queen's Bench Justice said he wanted to send a message when he sentenced a gun-and-drug dealer to 18 years.

"You are a businessperson. Amoral and venal, but a businessperson," said Justice Shawn Smith.

"There must be a risk that makes that business unattractive."

Project Forseti

​Justin Smith was a member of the Fallen Saints motorcycle club when he was arrested in January, 2015 as part of the Project Forseti investigation.

Smith emerged as a central figure as the investigation progressed.

He pleaded guilty this week to nine counts, including dealing fentanyl, heroin and cocaine; having proceeds of crime in excess of $5,000; possessing and transferring a handgun; and recruiting members to the gang.

"You have been in the business of being a criminal since 2004 and have built a contemptible resume," said Justice Smith.

Smith noted that the gang member had 26 previous convictions prior to appearing today.

'Bitter harvest'

Justice Smith's voice rose as he detailed exactly what the gang member did for a living.

"Drugs and firearms …you dealt in poison, and the instruments of death."

He considered the arguments from the prosecutors and defence and concluded, "there are no mitigating circumstances, you well-earned your bitter harvest."

He sentenced Justin Smith to 18 years in total, with no opportunity to apply for parole for nine years.