Saskatoon man who allegedly rammed police cruisers has decade-long history of violence

Saskatoon man who allegedly rammed police cruisers has decade-long history of violence

Parole Board of Canada documents show that a Saskatoon man arrested by police after a chase that involved ramming officers' cruisers was flagged as a high risk to re-offend.

Nigel Evan Wolfe, 27, is facing more than two dozen charges after the chase in and around Saskatoon on Tuesday that involved two cruisers getting rammed with a stolen truck and Wolfe being subdued with the help of police dogs, the Emergency Response Team and a Taser.

Police also found a loaded, sawed-off shotgun in the cab of the truck.

​Police say Wolfe had multiple outstanding arrest warrants when he was chased down this week. 

Documents prepared prior to his statutory release warned that he stood a good chance of breaking the law again.

"You are a criminally entrenched individual and seem comfortable in breaking the law, particularly when legal restrictions impede your freedom," noted one assessment.

'An abysmal history of non-compliance'

A troubling portrait emerges from the parole documents. Officials repeatedly note Wolfe's history of ignoring rules and, instead, doing whatever he feels like doing.

"You have an abysmal record of non-compliance with court-imposed conditions of release," one report said.

"You are very comfortable breaking the law when it suits you to do so."

The charges he faces after Tuesday's chase mirror the pattern of his earlier offences.

"You have a pattern of stealing motor vehicles and then using them while committing more crimes. You also have been driving dangerously and endangering the lives of the public," the parole report states.

Back in the system

Two weeks prior to the Tuesday chase, police say they had crossed paths with Wolfe in a different stolen vehicle. They spotted him in the same area, the 800 block of Avenue O South, but he got away.

Wolfe is scheduled back in court Monday.