Saskatoon massage therapist charged with sexual assault let out on bail

A Saskatoon massage therapist charged with nine counts of sexual assault has been released on bail.

Mark Donlevy, 48, appeared in provincial court Thursday morning after being arrested last week. 

Donlevy, who worked as a massage therapist in Saskatoon, was initially charged with two counts of sexual last December. 

Then, last week, he was charged with seven more counts. 

The most recent cases stem from 2003 through 2015, police said.

The women reported the incidents to police in September 2016 after observing posts online from other women who said they had similar experiences. 

A judge released Donlevy on $500 bail with the condition that he not work as a massage therapist. 

His lawyer, George Green, said his client agreed with the conditions of his release.

"He's been on release conditions in the past for four months and he's obeyed every one of them, so I think the court have confidence that he's not going to breach," Green said.

Donlevy is due back in court on April 18.