Saskatoon SPCA finds home for 7-week-old piglet

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Eunice is a seven-pound pot-bellied piglet that was brought in to the Saskatoon SPCA.  (Jemma Omidian - image credit)
Eunice is a seven-pound pot-bellied piglet that was brought in to the Saskatoon SPCA. (Jemma Omidian - image credit)

The Saskatoon SPCA has found a home for an orphaned piglet.

Earlier this week, the SPCA posted photos of a seven-week-old pot-bellied piglet named Eunice.

She was adopted Wednesday.

Eunice was first brought in to the Saskatoon SPCA by animal control.

Jemma Omidian
Jemma Omidian

Jemma Omidian with the Saskatoon SPCA told Heather Morrison on The Afternoon Edition that It was very unusual for the staff to receive a pig.

"I've actually been here for two years and this is the first one that we have gotten in that time," she said.

"It's definitely been a treat for all of the staff here. We're all very excited that she's here."

LISTEN | Jemma Omidian spoke with Heather Morrison on The Afternoon Edition

Keeping a pig within city limits is prohibited by Saskatoon's bylaws.

Omidian, who lives outside of the city, named Eunice and temporarily took care of her until the SPCA found a home for her.

Omidian has experience taking care of pigs due to being the owner of another pot-bellied pig named Eugene.

"You can absolutely have a happy pig in the house, it's possible," said Omidian.

"But it takes a lot of extra work and patience."

Jemma Omidian
Jemma Omidian

Omidian said owners must ensure their pigs are fulfilled and happy.

"When they get bored, they're going to get destructive," she said.

Omidian said the SPCA weren't sure if it would be able to find a good home for Eunice at first.

"We didn't really know what to expect when we put her up because there are so many special requirements."

But after posting her photos, Omidian said they received an influx of applications, many of which came from people that have experience with pigs and/or already own pigs.

"She's [Eunice] young enough yet that she could very well be accustomed to being in a barn with other pigs as well," Omidian said.

Omidian was not at liberty to disclose who adopted Eunice, but is confident that Eunice went to an "excellent home."

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