SaskEnergy says no natural gas leak found despite mystery smell in Leader, Sask.

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After spending a day and a half investigating, SaskEnergy has not sniffed out the source of a mysterious smell in Leader, Sask.

However, the corporation says it has confirmed that there are no natural gas leaks in the town and has identified no public safety concerns at this time. Leader is about 240 kilometres southwest of Saskatoon.

On Wednesday afternoon, SaskEnergy said it received a report from someone in Leader about a "rotten egg" smell, commonly associated with a natural gas leak.

SaskEnergy said its contractors swept the area six times without finding a natural gas leak.

A leak survey specialist with sensitive gas detection equipment also surveyed every street and alley in the town on Thursday night and found nothing. SaskEnergy said the specialist will be returning to Leader in February to check for leaks again as a safety precaution. In the near term, additional SaskEnergy staff are available for an emergency response in the area should the need arise.

The cause of the odour remains unknown.