Program combines exploration and education

Steve Abbott gets to take learning outside of the classroom when he works with students in Regina public schools.

"At the end of the day, I often have kids run up and say, 'that was the best day ever!'"

Abbott, who is part of the public schools' outdoor environmental education department, works with classes and other groups to educate people about the environment.

For instance, if students are learning about ecosystems, their teacher can take advantage of a lesson from the department. 

"They can book us to take them out onto a field trip for a day and actually immerse the kids in the ecosystem."

The educational exploring covers everything from science to cultural history, learning about traditional and current uses of the landscape, and even physical education.

If the weather is adverse, Abbott said they will try to bring the outdoors indoors. 

Abbott said they've also taken groups of new Canadians on trips, answering questions about the wildlife on the Prairies.

Working with the students seems to have had an effect on Abbott; he's switched from focussing on biology to wanting to be an educator full time.