SaskPower Moving Power Poles Outside of Langenburg

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If you drive between Churchbridge and Langenburg you will see power poles laid out along the highway. Some residents have asked what SaskPower is developing.

Every once in a while, SaskPower will run new lines to better serve the province in a safer, more direct route.

One way they accomplish that by rerunning some of their existing lines in a new location.

Sources with SaskPower informed, “Essentially what’s being done is the line is being moved to improve reliability and safety.”

A major issue for power lines is trees. Trees can bring down power lines during storms and leave an area without power for hours or longer.

Sources at SaskPower feel, “Putting the power line along the property line keeps them away from trees, which often come into contact with power lines and cause outages or even fires; plus, it will reduce the chance of contacts with farm machinery, etc.”

It’s all about safely providing the residents of the province with power continuously even during storms by keeping the power lines where they can’t be accidentally ripped down by farm machinery.

Farm machinery coming into contact with power lines unfortunately happens and can cause more than just a power outage; it can cause electrocution, which could result in the death of the operator or rescuer.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal

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