Satellite images show devastation at oil production facilities in Russia's Smolensk Oblast after drone attack

Satellite images taken near Rozdorove
Satellite images taken near Rozdorove

Satellites recorded a great fire near the oil depot near Rozdorove in Russia's Smolensk Oblast, revealing likely two strike points, the Krymskyi Veter (Crimean Wind) Telegram channel reported on April 24.

Drones attacked fuel and energy facilities in Smolensk Oblast’s village of Yartsevo overnight on April 24, resulting in a great fire, Smolensk regional governor, Vasyly Anokhin, alleged.

He claimed there were no casualties in the attack and that rescue services were working on site.

Two oil depots in Smolensk Oblast were attacked by Ukraine's SBU Security Service drones — in the villages of Yartsevo and Rozdorovo, NV sources reported later.

The sites store 26,000 cubic meters of Russian fuel.

Satellite images of fires at the oil depot near Yartsevo were published by Crimean Wind at 12:30 p.m. MSK.

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Drones also targeted a refinery or an oil storage facility in Voronezh Oblast overnight. Footage of that large-scale fire was also published online.

The largest steel plant in Russia - and the 17th in the world in terms of production, the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant in Lipetsk, also came under attack.

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