'Saturday Night Live' #TBT: Homecoming twerking

Kelly Woo
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Homecoming season is upon us, a time for football games and reunions and school dances. With Saturday Night Live off this week, we dug up this clip from 2015 of a very different kind of homecoming dance.

The sketch starts off as a parody of Grease. The music is gentle, the vibe is swell, and the couples are sweetly innocent. That is, until Josh Rudnitsky finds his dance partner is host Miley Cyrus (who will appear as a musical guest in two weeks). And though she’s wearing a big poodle skirt and modest blouse, she soon shocks everyone with her gangsta rapping and twerking.

Then, their ‘50s sensibilities are further shocked when she introduces her friend “Nasty Jack” from Philadelphia (Kenan Thompson) and raps that they do “everything” together. And then proceeds to explains how he got his nickname.

SNL returns Nov. 4 with host Larry David and musical guest Cyrus.

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