‘Saturday Night Live’ #TBT: The All-Drug Olympics

Kelly Woo
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Every four years, people around the globe become transfixed by the Olympics. This summer’s Rio Olympics has been no different, but there’s so much else going on besides sports. A doping scandal plagued Russia before the games even began, and swimmers have been openly casting shade on competitors with a history of using performance-enhancing drugs.

This made us remember a classic Saturday Night Live sketch from 1988. Olympic organizers came up with a brilliant new idea: the All-Drug Olympics. As “Weekend Update” host Dennis Miller explains, “Athletes are allowed to take any substance whatsoever before, after, and even during the competition. So far, 115 world records have been shattered.”

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Kevin Nealon reports from the weightlifting competition, where one Russian athlete has taken “anabolic steroids, Novocaine, Nyquil, Darvon, and some sort of fish paralyzer.”

And when the athlete tries to lift 1,500 pounds (tripling the existing world record), his arms literally come off his body! “You hate to see something like this happen, Dennis,” Nealon says, shaking his head.

Saturday Night Live returns for its 42nd season this fall.