Save Ojibway ad too 'political' for Transit Windsor

It turns out trying to save Ojibway Park is "too political" for Transit Windsor.

A proposed ad created by the Save Ojibway group was rejected by the transit authority because they "don't advertise political messages," according to the organization's executive director Pat Delmore. 

The ad reads, "Protect Canada's biodiversity, clean air, water and create a new trail. Let's look at closing Matchette Road."

Save Ojibway member Nancy Panchesan said the ad is about bringing together the community and protecting wildlife, not politics.

"Creating a new trail, this could connect Windsor to LaSalle and the region ... and also the new border crossing announcing this past week that there's going to be a new bike trail along the border," she said. "These are great things that could support Windsor's vision."

Panchesan said city council will consider conducting an environmental assessment to see if closing the road is even possible.

The group is still planning to put the ads on billboards later this month.