SBU drones target oil depot in Belgorod Oblast and substation in Lipetsk, NV sources report

SBU drones hit two targets in Russia
SBU drones hit two targets in Russia

SBU drones targeted the Oskolneftpostachannya oil depot near Stary Oskol in Belgorod Oblast and the 500 kV Eletskaya substation in Lipetsk Oblast of Russia, NV sources reported on May 13.

Eletska power substation powers traction substations of Russian Railways, Stanova oil pumping station and ensures transit between Lipetsk, Orel and Bryansk power systems.

"Russian industry working for war against Ukraine will remain a legitimate target for SBU," source said.

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"Measures to undermine enemy's military potential will continue."

Russian regional authorities reported UAV attacks on May 13. Governor of Lipetsk Oblast, Igor Artamonov, confirmed that a power substation was on fire in Stanovlya district.

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Belgorod Oblast governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, claimed that air defense systems shot down several air targets near Belgorod at night.

Russian Ministry of Defense reported that Russian air defense allegedly shot down 12 Vilkha MLRS missiles and 12 UAVs in Belgorod Oblast, eight UAVs in Kursk Oblast, and four drones in Lipetsk Oblast.

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