SBU reminds world of Russian terrorism in response to Russia’s false claims about Ukraine

The SBU reacted to the worthless statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry
The SBU reacted to the worthless statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry

The call from Russia’s Foreign Ministry to arrest Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) head, Vasyl Malyuk, for accusing Ukrainian involvement in the ISIS attack on Crocus City Hall is both baseless and cynical, the SBU told NV on March 31.

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"While invoking international law, particularly the Convention against Terrorism, the Russian Foreign Ministry overlooks that Putin himself faces international arrest warrants - most notably for abducting Ukrainian children, and that a trial awaits him at the Hague Tribunal,” the press service said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry made its cynical statement about "terrorism" on the anniversary of the liberation of Bucha, where Russia’s occupying forces became famous worldwide for their atrocities. That’s why “any words from the Russian Foreign Ministry are worthless,” the SBU said.

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Russia can only warrant attention to its statement by announcing its defeat in the war against Ukraine and withdrawing its troops from Ukrainian territory, the SBU said.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry officially accused Ukraine of involvement in recent “terrorist attacks” inside Russia, including the Crocus City Hall shootings.

Moscow fabricated "traces of the recent terrorist attacks lead to Ukraine" to tie SBU boss Malyuk to the events.

Russia has been after the SBU chief for a long time, accusing him of involvement in the sabotage of the Crimean Bridge in Oct. 2022.

Shooting at Russia’s Crocus City Hall: What is Known?

Several terrorists opened fire with automatic weapons on attendees at a concert hall in Crocus City Hall in the Moscow suburb of Krasnogorsk, where the band Piknik was set to perform.

144 people died, according to Russian authorities.

Russian law enforcement reported the arrest of 11 individuals, four of whom, according to their version, were involved in the shooting. The FSB announced that they were allegedly planning to cross into Ukrainian territory.

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Four citizens of Tajikistan suspected in the shooting—Dalerjon Mirzoev, Saidakrami Rachababalizoda, Muhammadzobir Faizov, and Faridun Shamsiddini—were arrested in Russia, it was announced on March 24.

Photos of one of the detained individuals being tortured with electricity were published on Russian Telegram channels. A video emerged showing one suspect having his ear cut off and being forced to eat it.

ISIS claimed responsibility on March 23, releasing photos of the suspects detained by the Russian FSB earlier. Later, ISIS released a video shot by the terrorists in Crocus City Hall.

Russian media reported on March 29 that the Tajik branch of ISIS was transferring payment to the shooters in Crocus through a cryptocurrency wallet.

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