ScalpMicroPigmentation Centre helps restore hairlines, confidence

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WALKERTON – Sarah Holm isn’t a magician, but to some of her clients, that’s open for debate.

Through a process called micropigmentation, a client who’s been embarrassed about bald spots or no eyebrows for years can walk out the door with renewed confidence.

Her clients include both men and women. She described one male client from London who’d been bald since age 20. She was able to give him back not only hair but his confidence. A female client spoke of being able to put up her hair for the first time in years, without bald patches showing. Another client had had a hair transplant – not a good one – and she was able to conceal much of the damage through micropigmentation, making a dramatic difference not only in his appearance, but the way he felt about himself.

Holm commented that one client looked in the mirror and told her, “This is life-changing.”

Holm has specialized in scalp micropigmentation – it’s where you see the biggest impact, she said. Women as well as men can develop bald spots that can wreak havoc on self-confidence. Sometimes it’s a cultural thing, Holm said. And sometimes it’s part of presenting a youthful appearance.

“It really can be life-changing,” Holm said.

Three treatments and the baseball cap can get put away for good.

She’s excited about what she does, and takes great pride in her work. Her focus isn’t only on satisfying the client, but herself.

“You’re wearing my work,” she said.

That means constant upgrading, staying current and learning.

“I want to be the best,” she said.

Holm plans on doing a series of videos and put them on Instagram to explain what she does.

The best way to get in touch is by texting her at 519-881-6044. Holm is on Instagram and Facebook. Her business is located right across from the Beer Store in downtown Walkerton.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times