Scarlett Johansson wants to meet woman who once looked just like her

Scarlett Johansson, left, says she’d like to hang out with a woman named Geraldine, middle, who was photographed in 1967. Photos from AP and Imgur.

American actress Scarlett Johansson has become fascinated with a photo that has gone viral. The image features an intoxicated grandmother in her youth who looks nearly identical to the world-famous starlet.

The image was posted by Reddit user denverjoel on April 18, who uploaded a photo taken of his grandmother in Tulsa, Okla., in 1967. The post was titled, “My Grandmother Looked Like Scarlett Johansson When She Was Younger,” but the caption doesn’t do the photo justice.

The Reddit user said when he asked his grandmother, Geraldine, about the photo, she recalled being “drunk as a skunk” during that moment.

Hearing about the physical resemblance from people online, Johansson decided to reach out to the woman by creating a personalized video uploaded to YouTube, which was uploaded on April 26. The Hollywood star even invited Geraldine to the premier of her new film Rough Night.

“Holy c—, I want to meet you in person!” the actress reveals in the minute-long video. “I heard that you were ‘drunk as a skunk’ when taking that photo and I would like to see your drunk face.”

It’s unclear whether the grandmother knows about Johansson’s invitation to hang out for an evening, or whether she would be willing to accept.

“I hope the grandma accepted the challenge,” one YouTube user wrote.