Scatter gardens open at Drumheller Municipal Cemetery

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A new, low-cost alternative to the traditional end-of-life options of a burial plot or columbarium niche became available to the public on Thursday, July 21 as the Town of Drumheller officially opened the scatter gardens at the Drumheller Municipal Cemetery.

Scatter gardens offer a designated space for cremated remains, also known as cremains, to be scattered while also offering a place for families and loved ones to gather and reminisce.

“As a previous council we were looking at ways to kind of save, enhance, and extend our valley, and the cemetery came up; one of the ideas was a scatter garden,” Mayor Heather Colberg shares with the Mail.

Mayor Colberg adds some research was done with funeral homes, including Courtney-Winters Funeral Home locally along with other funeral homes within the surrounding communities regarding the idea of a scatter garden.

“Our valley really has a limited amount of space, and this allows people to have another option. It’s really something I think is going to catch on over time,” she says.

A pergola, built by Shane Urrutia with Drumheller Public Works, is the centerpiece of the gardens, flanked by white sand and daylilies; a memorial wall was also erected on July 22, offering space for a memorial plaque to be placed.

“The way they’ve done this is beautiful, it’s inviting,” Mayor Colberg says. She adds it is expected benches will be installed to further give families an area to gather. “Although we’re gone, we still want to be together.”

The gardens are located near the columbariums in the south eastern edge of the cemetery, and there is space to allow possible future expansion of the scatter gardens.

A permit is required to scatter cremains at the garden, and families will have the option to purchase a permit with or without a plaque for the memorial wall.

Visit for more information about the scatter gardens or other services available at the cemetery.

Lacie Nairn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Drumheller Mail

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