Scenes of drought around the world

STORY: Scenes of dried up rivers and dams amid severe drought

The ‘Spanish Stonehenge’ has emerged from the Valdecanas reservoir

after the water level dropped to 28% of capacity, authorities say

Location: Caceres, Spain

Mexico is facing its worst drought in 30 years

Farmer Hicterio Torres Franco has lost more than 19 animals due to water deprivation

Location: Aldama, Mexico

(Hicterio Torres Franco, Farmer)

"We see all these dead cows in the field because of the drought we are going through. The dam is at its lowest levels, and when the cows go there to drink water, they get stuck. These cows have become stuck, others because of drought, disease, and hunger, they are weak and unable to sustain themselves."

Location: Chongqing, China

Chongqing residents clamber along the dry bed of the Yangtze river

as local governments race to maintain power and find fresh water to irrigate crops

Location: Sirmione, Italy

This rocky beach has emerged from Lake Garda following severe drought

Location: Loireauxence, France

Tourist barges struggle to navigate on river Loire

as record drought has cut river flow to a trickle

(Sylviane Perroud, Loireauxence resident)

"It makes me sad. It makes me sad because I grew up in the village and have never seen it (the Loire) like that. Before, we could go to the waterholes over there with the children and fish, because the water was not too hot yet. Now, when we go, it's just algae and frogs. All the fish died of the heat or were eaten by the herons."