Scheer's plan to repeal carbon tax wins applause from Cornwall crowd

While election season is yet to officially begin, Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada is off to the races with climate change and federal carbon tax on his mind.

MPs and candidates are busy getting out to meet with voters on the Island, including Scheer, with a federal election in October.

Since 1988, the Island has only elected one Conservative MP. The Liberals won all 32 seats in Atlantic Canada in the last federal election.

On Saturday, Scheer spoke to Islanders in Cornwall, P.E.I.

He discussed his plans around climate change, including his intention to repeal the Liberal's carbon tax, to a supportive audience.

"Emissions are continuing to go up and life is getting more expensive, and because of it people are falling further behind," Scheer told CBC. 

Travis Kingdon/CBC

Scheer's plan

"Everywhere in Canada that a carbon tax has been imposed it has not achieved its targets. It's made life more expensive."

Scheer said his plan for the environment would put more money into the pockets of Canadians, especially with his proposed Green Home Renovation Tax Credit. 

"My plan takes the burden off of individual families and small business owners, puts it on the large industrial emitters, and takes the climate change fight global," he said.

"Why wouldn't we want a government that's taking a more global approach in reducing those greenhouse gas emissions?" 

Scheer wouldn't say how well his vision for the federal carbon tax lines up with that of P.E.I. Premier Dennis King, but he did say the topic was discussed when the two had a communication on Saturday.

"We certainly did agree that a carbon tax does impose a cost on people on the Island without achieving reductions and emissions."

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