Schnucks stores add new options for customers of self checkout. Here’s what to know

Using the self checkouts at Schnucks stores just got better for customers.

Now shoppers that use these lanes can now redeem their rewards points, according to a press release.

Previously, customers that wanted to redeem rewards had to do it at a traditional check out lane.

Not anymore.

“We continue to listen to our customers’ feedback and work to bring them more efficient shopping experiences in our stores,” stated Schnucks IT Director Michael Wait in the release. “Shoppers who prefer the convenience of self checkout can now enjoy the same perks and products as those who use our traditional check lanes.”

To redeem Schnucks Rewards Points in the self-serve lanes, customers tap the “Schnucks Rewards” button when ready to pay, then open their Schnucks Rewards app, select “My Rewards” and scan the barcode, according to the release.

In addition to redeeming those rewards points, customers can also purchase gift cards at the self checkouts.

Gift cards previously had to be purchased in a staffed checkout lane.

At self checkout kiosks, customers will be limited to $200 per gift card and a total of $1,000 per customer, per day, stated the release.

Redeeming rewards and purchasing gift cards also applies at Eatwell Market stores.

For more information about Schnucks Rewards or the app, visit