School bus stop moved away from sex offender's home

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A school bus stop that was located across the street from the home of a registered sex offender in P.E.I. has been moved.

"This work required a couple of days to complete. The safety of our students remain a priority and we are pleased to resolve this issue when we became aware," Parker Grimmer, director of the Public Schools Branch, told CBC News in an email Wednesday evening.

The Public Schools Branch said it contacted a Queens County family who had earlier expressed concern over their 10-year-old son waiting for the bus at that spot. 

Closer to home

Grimmer said the new stop is closer to the family's home. He said the family agreed the new spot is "satisfactory" and said the child can start waiting for the bus at the new location on Thursday.

"A road safety assessment was conducted on the new stop for student pick-up and drop off, agreements were made with the snow plow operator for this area and other measures were addressed including involving and informing the school bus driver of the decision," said Grimmer.

The man on the sex offender registry is serving 135 days of house arrest for sexually assaulting a woman.

The boy's mother, Kerri Kelly, had earlier told CBC News that her work schedule prevented her from being able to wait for the bus with her son and she had concerns about his safety.


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