School program encourages kids to cut down on single-use waste

A new program is teaching young people in Edmonton how to best adopt waste-free habits.

Waste Free Edmonton, a non-profit organization working to reduce the amount of waste in the city, has created a workshop program for students in Grade 4 to Grade 9.

"As any parent will tell you, kids absolutely keep us accountable," Emma Wales, school program manager with Waste Free Edmonton, told CBC's Edmonton AM

"So we thought one of the best ways to change adult behaviour is to empower their kids and to inspire change in their homes and in their communities."

In the 60-minute program, students learn about the impact of single-use plastics "on waterways and wildlife, climate change and the environment, and human health," according to the organization's website. 

Grade 6 students at Holyrood School are participating in the program.

"It's pretty cool because a lot of their families are pretty conscious of the waste-free movement," said French immersion teacher Marieve Langevin.

 "It's nice to see that they're able to participate. It's really nice to see them open up in that kind of way."