Schoolboy, 14, Put In Isolation For ‘Extreme’ Haircut He’s Had For Three Years


A school put a pupil into isolation for his ‘extreme’ haircut - even though he has been sporting it for the last three years.

Kieran London was stuck in a booth on his own after falling foul of Raynes Park High School’s uniform policy.

The 14-year-old was forced to do all his work inside the booth - even during breaks - but his mum Jenni was so disgusted that she has kept him out of school for two days to keep him out of isolation.

Teaching assistant Jenni complained to the school, arguing that the isolation booth breaches her son’s basic human rights.


Extreme: Kieran’s school said his haircut breached uniform policy (SWNS)

She said: “He’s always had the same haircut but now they have just suddenly decided it’s too short and they have put him in isolation, in a little booth on his own.

"I’m absolutely disgusted. He goes to school to learn.

"That’s why I send him there, but he’s just been sat there doing a worksheet for two days.

"He even has to be in there at break and lunch.”

She added: "It’s depriving him of his basic human rights. He goes to school for an education, which I would say means being taught by a teacher, not sitting alone with a worksheet.”


Human rights: The teenager’s mum said her son was kept in a booth on his own (SWNS)

The school, based in south-west London, has defended their actions, claiming that the booth is an Achievement Improvement Centre - and is used instead of sending students home for a uniform breach.

Headteacher Kirsten Heard said: “We consider that a severe haircut, where the scalp is visible, is not in line with our Uniform Policy and we have kindly requested that our students have a longer version of this current style.”

She added: ”We see the students as ambassadors of our school and they are expected to dress and behave in a way that reflects the high standards we seek to achieve.”

Top pic: SWNS

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