School zoning exceptions still possible, says director

School zoning exceptions still possible, says director

Parents will still be able to apply for exceptions to school zoning following a review of school utilization that wrapped up Monday night, says Public Schools Branch director Parker Grimmer.

The biggest controversy out of the meeting is the recommendation to close two schools, but the Public School Branch board of directors also approved many rezoning recommendations, particularly in the Charlottetown area.

School review report author Bob Andrews has said zoning enforcement is important for controlling school populations, and Georgetown parents have argued their school wouldn't need to close if zoning was enforced.

But Grimmer said there will still be exceptions.

"It is going to be one that's going to be supported by school-based teams, or public schools branch teams that say, 'Yeah, this is in the best interest of the student to go to this location or school,'" he said.

Some of the things that would be considered for a change would be around capacity or a student's special learning needs.

Grimmer said the details of the process will roll out later, and that attending school outside your zone will be the exception not the norm.

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