Snow, snow, and more snow this week

There was snow, there was freezing rain, there was snow pellets, and P.E.I. can expect more over the coming week.

The Public Schools Branch and the French Language School Board want a bit more time to clean up following Sunday's storm, so there is a one-hour delay in the opening of schools.

  • Call in your cancellations to 1-877-236-9350.

Maritime Electric has confirmed a power outage in the Rice Point and Bonshaw areas. About 6,400 customers are out. The utility has crews out looking for the source of the problem.

The precipitation measured at Charlottetown Airport Sunday included 21 centimetres of snow and 6.6 millimetres of rain. The final result is a heavy mix that is difficult to move.

The snow is going to continue to fall through the week with few breaks, said CBC meteorologist Tina Simpkin.

"One system heads our way for tonight, that's weak, another one on Wednesday, another weak system," she said.

"But Thursday into Friday a strong system, and then again for the end of the weekend just to cap it all off, so get ready."

Snowfalls Monday night and Wednesday will likely only amount in a few centimetres, but more serious snowfalls are possible later in the week, she said. By the end of Sunday there could be another 30 centimetres of snow on the ground.

Cleaning up

Plows are out throughout the province and roads are reported clear in eastern areas of Kings County, but there are still some snowy areas.

Conditions are worse in the west than in the east, with icy patches across the province.

"Pretty big storm system that pushed its way through. I think on average most of us picked up anywhere from five, perhaps, up to 15 centimetres of ice pellets as well as snow, and that's a heavy snowfall," said Simpkin.

There is a chance of some freezing drizzle Monday, she said.

The 5:20 a.m. flight from Charlottetown Airport was cancelled and other flights are running late. Traffic is running normally on Confederation Bridge.

January has already been busy for snow.

Less than halfway through the month 62.2 cm has fallen, approaching the average of 73.3 centimetres for the whole month.

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