Scott Moe apologizes on campaign trail to family of woman killed in his 1997 crash

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SASKATOON — Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe has publicly apologized to the family of a woman killed in a 1997 highway crash he was involved in.

The apology came during a campaign stop in Saskatoon for the Oct. 26 election.

Moe says he's aware a family member of the woman recently posted online about just learning that Moe was the driver of the other vehicle.

He offered an apology to the family, and says he plans to give one to them directly.

Moe was about 23 and driving on a gravel road near Shellbrook, north of Saskatoon, when he failed to stop as he approached a highway and collided with another car, killing Jo-Anne Balog.

He received a ticket for driving without due care and attention and for failing to come to a complete stop.

Moe hasn't shied away from talking about the collision since entering politics, and says he can't explain how the woman's family didn't know his identity. 

Moe says the collision has stayed with him.

"I've also understood and respect that there's another family that experienced far more loss than I did on that day and have always been aware of that and very respectful of that," he told reporters during an announcement to expand autism funding.

"I know words just are not --words are just not — I'm just not able to express in words how truly sorry I am."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 6, 2020

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