Scottie Barnes happy to be back on the floor with healthy Raptors

With a clean bill of health, Raptors rookie Scottie Barnes joined his team’s top players against the Knicks and didn’t hide how proud he was of the way they played together.

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Video Transcript

- Scottie, how are you feeling? Must be nice to get out playing again after a while.

SCOTTIE BARNES: Yeah, I'd say I feel pretty good out there. Really had my win. I wasn't really so tired out there. Overall, I'd say it was good.

- There haven't been that many minutes with your full lineup. What's it feel like for you playing with all the top guys?

SCOTTIE BARNES: Yeah. I would just say-- going out there playing, it's a nice field. Just going to-- playing with those guys, I would just say we played really good today. We know what everybody can really do on the floor, because we had our times where we played with each other. Some people just assert.

So we know what everybody can really do out there on the floor.

- You ran the point for most of last season at FSU. You haven't had as much time this year without having a traditional point guard on the floor. When did you find out that you were going to be running the point with the second unit today? Is that something that you talked about?

SCOTTIE BARNES: We was already doing some stuff in practice before-- even before we all had COVID and stuff like that-- was already doing different things. But yeah, so a position that comes very natural to me that's not really so hard.

- How'd it feel being out there with that group, all of you guys around-- you're the same height, can all play multiple positions, do different things on both ends of the floor, that sort of--

SCOTTIE BARNES: Really, we're just really going out there just defending, Playing really good defense and then just running. We did some sets-- I don't know. I'm just saying. We didn't win. It wasn't a win, to be honest, you know? [INAUDIBLE]

- Aaron, go ahead with your question online, please.

- Hey, Scottie. Welcome back and happy new year. What was your isolation like, and was that your first time doing that? I don't know if you had any COVID run-ins last year in the past.

SCOTTIE BARNES: Yeah, I would say at the beginning, I would say my isolation was just pretty boring. Probably did the same things every day-- just played video games, sleep, then worked out some. It was really the same things every single day. Very boring.

- That was your first time dealing with anything like that?

SCOTTIE BARNES: No, I did it last year, as soon as I got to Florida State. It's really the same thing as well, then, too.

- Did you have COVID the first time?

SCOTTIE BARNES: Yeah, I had it. I had it back-- it was last year, as soon as I got to school at Florida State.

- OK. And how's your knee?

SCOTTIE BARNES: It's pretty good. Didn't really have no problems with it today.

- OK. Thanks, Scottie.

SCOTTIE BARNES: Thank you. Happy new year.

- Didn't the last one [INAUDIBLE]?

SCOTTIE BARNES: I would say they did-- had a little bit of symptoms. The first time, I didn't have any symptoms at all. It was just-- I was perfectly fine. But I would say this time I probably had some symptoms, like a runny nose, a little cough.


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