Scottish girl's message in a bottle found a year later and posted to Facebook

A Scottish girl’s message in a bottle washed up on shore a year after she put it in the ocean. Photo from Facebook

Last year, a little girl on holiday in Belfast decided to see what would happen if she put a message in a bottle and sent it adrift in the North Channel between Great Britain and Ireland.

Morgan McGhee from Leven, Scotland, stuffed a ticket from the Titanic museum, along with letter, in the bottle.

The note is dated Saturday, August 13, 2016 and reads: “I’m just loving Belfast after a great day at the Titanic Centre. This was my ticket. I come from Leven in Fife, Scotland. Please post on Facebook if you find me.”

Less than a year later, the 10-year-old’s wish came true.

Anne Turton from Yorkshire found the bottle while visiting Lorgill Bay, along the Isle of Skye last week.

“I love beaches and I’m always looking for different pebbles,” she told the Skye Times. “We had gone for a walk and ended up at Lorgill Bay in Duirinish when we had a wander round and came across the bottle! I’m naturally a curious person, so I opened the bottle and couldn’t believe it when I found a message in it.”

As requested, Turton posted a photo of the letter and ticket on Facebook. In a matter of days, the girl’s mother, Maureen White, responded to the post, saying her daughter was over the moon.

“I asked if she wanted me to send the message back and complete the circle, but she said I could keep it – so it went all the way back to Yorkshire with me,” Turton said. “It was a fantastic week’s holiday and then finding that added a little extra to a great week.”