Scuba diver demonstrates impressive underwater bubble ring talent

Loidy is a scuba master with a serious talent for guiding his clients over the reefs and providing them with amazing experiences. Whether he leads them on a search for sea turtles, or a thrilling dive among Caribbean Reef Sharks, he always provides them with memorable sights and amazing experiences. He is part of a very skilled and professional operation in Belize known as Chuck & Robbie's Scuba Diving and Instruction. When the dives are over and the guests are completing the mandatory three minute safety stop to expel nitrogen gas from their blood, the divers gather at 15 to 20 feet beneath the surface and count off their three minutes. It's a great time to look around below and see the creatures of the reef as they move over the coral. It's also a good time for the dive instructors to show their guests a few tricks and skills. Loidy demonstrates a fascinating trick that involves pushing some of his air bubbles down in front of him. He then puts his fists together and rapidly pulls them apart, creating a spinning vortex of water and air that forms a circular bubble ring. The ring swirls and moves slowly through the water away from his body, creating a mesmerizing effect. Loidy's guests had heard about this maneuver and they had asked him to demonstrate. Of course, he was willing to entertain the divers and teach them the skill. Scuba diving is a thrilling sport that exposes the adventurous to a world of unspeakable beauty and wonder. The animals here are like nowhere else on earth. Humans are the clumsy intruders who make their way over the reef while the other creatures move swiftly and gracefully. The sport is very safe, as long as basic safety rules are followed. Divers must also undergo thorough training to teach them how to avoid complications and how to deal with underwater emergencies. Diving is never advisable without a partner and a specially trained scuba master to lead the group and plan the dives.

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