Scuba diver surprised by appearance of shark as he comes over the coral reef

This scuba very surprised to have a close encounter with a ten foot Caribbean Reef Shark as he came over a coral reef in Belize. He has his eye on a large nurse shark, a very harmless and docile animal that will often follow scuba divers out of curiosity. But unexpectedly, coming over the sea fans revealed the shape of a large reef shark, which is a completely different animal. Although reef sharks are generally no threat to humans, they are physiologically different, with mouths that are more suited for biting and inflicting serious harm, if the chose to do so. The scuba diver recording these animals is Nito, known in the scuba diving world as "Big Sexy" and he is a seasoned veteran of the underwater world. He is fully aware that humans are guests in this underwater domain, but he knows that a respectful approach will allow him a close look at this shark without encouraging a hostile reaction. All the same, being so close to a powerful and formidable beast is an exhilarating experience and Big Sexy's wide eyes show that his adrenaline was flowing the whole time. Sharks have a reputation as being cold-blooded killers of the deep, but they are rarely a threat to people. One of the top predators, they play a vital role in the health of the ocean's ecosystems and the entire balance would be upset if we were to lose these beautiful creatures.