SD 58, RCMP team up for School Bus Safety Week

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The Merritt RCMP is supporting School District 58 (SD 58) in their School Bus Safety Campaign, which kicked off this week.

It is required by law that all vehicles stop when a school bus is picking up children or dropping them off.

School buses are equipped with flashing amber lights which indicate that the bus is about to come to a stop. The red, alternating flashing lights warn motorists to stop, as does the stop sign which extends from the side of the bus.

When a school bus is stopped, the red lights are flashing and the stop sign or in some cases stop arm is extended. Vehicles approaching from either direction must come to a complete stop and allow students to safely board or disembark.

Drivers must remain stopped until the bus driver turns off the flashing lights, pulls the stop sign in and begins to move again.

“All the buses in School District 58 are outfitted with high definition cameras and license plate readers,” said Sgt. Josh Roda of the Merritt RCMP detachment.

“If you don’t stop, you will be issued a $368 fine. We have issued almost 20 tickets this current school year.”

Morgan Hampton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Merritt Herald