SDG Counties pen letter urging action

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CORNWALL – SDG Counties Warden Carma Williams has written a letter advocating for the province to address safety issues on Highway 138.

The letter, to Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney and released June 13 by the Counties, laid out the case again for addressing safety issues on the busy Cornwall-to-Ottawa commuter link. The letter is in response to the provincial transportation plan that was released just before the June 2 provincial election was called. That plan did not address any safety concerns for the highway which has seen a number of single and multi-vehicle incidents result in fatalities. The most recent death happened about one week after the plan was released.

“Our council was extremely disappointed to note that the improvements to Highway 138 were not identified as a provincial priority,” Williams said in her letter. “There is no other word to describe Highway 138 other than dangerous.”

Williams highlighted five delegations made by SDG Counties in the past 10 years, including to Mulroney, advocating for safety improvements.

In 2017, MTO completed a design and environmental study of the road which recommended improvements to intersections with the 138 and County Roads 44 and 18, and construction of passing lanes at locations along the highway.

“I cannot overemphasize the need to commence construction of passing lanes as soon as possible,” she said. “Too many people have lost their lives or been seriously injured for the province to continue to ignore our requests.”

Williams asked for a meeting with Mulroney to discuss the issue.

Mulroney is currently the Minister of Transportation, but since the June 2 election her status as minister in that cabinet portfolio has not been re-confirmed.

Phillip Blancher, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Morrisburg Leader

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