Seann William Scott shares a Christopher Walken story: If he tells you it's his birthday...

Kevin Polowy
Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Christopher Walken is just one of those people in Hollywood — much like Bill Murray and Jeff Goldblum — who yields amazing stories (also: amazing impressions).

That’s why, when his 2003 film The Rundown came up during Yahoo Movies‘ recent Facebook Live interview with Seann William Scott (now starring in Goon: Last of the Enforcers), we had to ask what kind of shenanigans he experienced opposite the eccentric, dance-happy thespian best known for just being Chistopher Walken (but also an Oscar-owning actor whose films include The Deer Hunter, Pulp Fiction, A View to a Kill, etc.).

Scott’s tale did not disappoint.

“It was one of the first days of filming, and he looked really sad, standing outside of his trailer,” Scott (American Pie, Road Trip) remembered (watch above). “And I was like, ‘Christopher Walken… Is everything OK? You look all sad.”

Walken replied, “Actually, I am sad. It’s my birthday today, and I didn’t get a cake or anything.” So naturally Scott offered to help him procure a birthday cake.

“And then he looks at me, he goes, ‘I’m just kidding, it’s not my birthday. But I’ll say it is in a week and I guarantee you they’ll bring me a cake…’ It was the weirdest thing.

“And then a week later, they’re singing him ‘Happy Birthday’ and bringing him a cake. And he looks over me and [winks]. It wasn’t his birthday!”

Moral of the story: It’s Christopher Walken’s birthday any damn well day he pleases.

Goon: Last of the Enforcers is now in select theaters and on Digital HD.

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