Search called off for man swept away in creek at Golden Ears Park

The search for a man seen jumping into the rushing waters of Gold Creek in Golden Ears Provincial Park, has been called off for the night. 

Richard Laing with Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue said his team was called out to the park Sunday afternoon after witnesses said they saw someone going over Lower Falls. 

"By all accounts it sounds like for whatever reason he entered the pool and the falls and was carried away," Laing said. 

"An unfortunate accident is what it appears to be."

Jordan Stooshnov was at the falls with his wife, Valery Stooshnov, when they saw three young men with no shirts on by the creek's edge at about 3:30 p.m PT.

A video they shot shows the young man jump into the raging creek as white water rushes by. 

The video then shows his friends try to pull him out of the water with a towel, but Stooshnov said the current was too strong and the man was swept away. 

"It was a terrifying experience," Valery Stooshnov said. "We tried calling ... 911 right away but there's no reception in there."

Laing said RCMP and Maple Ridge Fire and Rescue also attended the scene, but they weren't able to find the man. 

The park was cleared at dark, and Laing said his team has been suspended pending further investigation from RCMP.