Searchlight song entry a reality check for Kensington musician

Searchlight song entry a reality check for Kensington musician

After deciding to pursue a career as a musician when he left university four or five years ago, Will Allen says he's now taking his passion for music more seriously.

"Especially last year, I did 30 or 40 gigs in the summertime. I'm gradually starting to play more and more and pursue it like I want to."

The CBC Music Searchlight is in the second round of voting, which ends March 13 at 4 p.m. The top 25 in the country will be announced a day later, March 14 at the same time.

Allen is one of 10 P.E.I. artists still in the running for the top prize

Part of that passion for performing includes songwriting, something Allen said he's trying to work on.

When he first started writing his own music he would freestyle and sing over the chords he was playing on his guitar.

"The past four or five songs I've written, I come up with an idea at an unexpected time of the day, like I'll be going to bed and an idea will pop into my head."

Allen said sometimes it's just a phrase or an idea that he takes and builds on.

Song ideas 

"You're at work in the middle of a presentation and something hits you and you gotta capture it," he said. "You have to get it down right away."

Allen says performing and sharing his songs is another way of communicating for him.

"It's a different level of communicating and connecting with somebody. There's nothing like it."

Since entering his song It's About Time in the Searchlight competition, Allen said he's been hearing from people who have listened to it.

He's hopeful it will provide him some more opportunities to share more of his music.

Allen said his song was a reality check for him to stop doing something he didn't want to be doing and be true to himself.

"Do something that you love and I think it's good for other people if they can relate as well."

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