Searing and safety: Regina fire department gives tips for barbecue season

While some people may have already fired up the barbecue this spring, Regina Fire and Protective Services wants to make sure it's being done safely.

The department sent out some reminders and tips as people set up their barbecues and fire pits for the season.

According to the news release, careless cooking — including on a barbecue — is the leading cause of fire in Regina.

Barbecue safety tips

- Check your connection and line before the first seasonal use with soapy water.

- Always light the barbecue with the lid open.

- Never use or store your barbecue indoors or in a garage.

- Barbecue on a solid surface away from foliage and structures.

Fire pit safety tips

- Use a non-combustible receptacle and cover the pit with a heavy gauge metal screen.

- Pits must be at least three metres away from your fence, deck, house, trees, power line and property line.

- Permitted fuels include charcoal, seasoned wood or manufactured fire logs.

- Keep a garden hose or other method of extinguishing the fire nearby.

- Only use your fire pit between 12 p.m. and 1 a.m.

Failing to follow the rules can results in a ticket carrying a base fine of $300.